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You are an inmate and have to scape from prison, in order to do that you must be the first one to score exactly 12 points.

* Truco Penal is a card game is based on the book In the penal colony  by Frans Kafka.
* You can play it 1 or 3 players in local network.

Diego Vinicius de Mello Munhoz | Programming, Compress programming.
Thiago Zacarias da Silva | Programming, Network programming, Gameplay programming.
Victor Otavio Ponciano | Programming, gamedesign, art.

Smaug Project - Fatec 2018-1

Install instructions

SinglePlayer:  extract and run "Truco Penal.exe"
Multiplayer: extract and run "Server.exe" than run "Truco Penal.exe". (only one player need to run the Server) then type the server adress on the multiplayer screen and wait for other players.


TrucoPenal.zip 25 MB

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